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Life, the Universe and .....

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My findings,
My travels,
My journey through the world of movies, music and books.
My life, in parts.

Disclaimer: Though initially I started maintaining this journal as a means to be in touch with some of my close buddies, over the time, it so happened, I began to use this as a trash bin where I put in a few of my thoughts and a few of my daily events along with a lot of trivial matters about my passions, likes and dislikes. In short, a boring journal, of use only to me, most of the times consisting of things I want to remember or get back to in future. Beware, you have been warned, if you want to add me as a friend.

a hard days night, akira kurosawa, alfred hitchcock, anime, annie hall, archies, art, asian extreme, asterix, audrey hepburn, backpacking, beethoven, bender "bending" rodriguez, bill bryson, bill watterson, bombay, books, brahms, buddhism, c++, c.s.lewis, calvin and hobbes, calvin trillin, cartoons, cary grant, charles schultz, chronicles of narnia, classic movies, classical, cocktails, coffee, coffeeshops, comics, comicstrips, concerts, cooking, cowboy bebop, david lean, david sedaris, dilbert, disney, documentaries, douglas adams, drawing, entourage, español, family, farhan akhtar, food, fusion, garfield, gary cooper, grace kelly, guitar, guns and roses, hard rock, harry potter, himalayas, humphrey bogart, hyderabad, ifc, india, indie movies, internet, j.k.rowling, james stewart, jethro tull, krzysztof kieslowski, la, lauren bacall, learning spanish, led zeppelin, life is beautiful, linux, literature, london, los angeles, mac os x, machu picchu, macintosh, majid majidi, manhattan, mani ratnam, mark twain, mendelssohn, monsters inc, montréal, movies, mozart, musicals, mythology, narnia, new york, novels, peanuts, perl, peru, philosophy, phoebe buffay, pink floyd, pixar, poetry, powerbook, radiohead, reading, rurouni kenshin, scrubs, sean connery, shakti, shopping for books, shopping for music, sikkim, south india, spanish, strings, summer, sundance film channel, table tennis, temples, the beatles, the lion king, the little prince, the rolling stones, the thin man, tim burton, tolkien, tom cruise, tomb raider, toy story, travel writing, traveling, unix, violin, western classical, wikipedia, wine, winnie-the-pooh, woody allen, working out, world music